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Siding contractor failed to punch nail slots

Hired siding company based on a friends advice. Had them install Certainteed Cedar board siding on my entire house. They never flashed around the sliding doors(after promising me they would) and the doors leak when it rains. On two separate occasions, large sections of the siding blew off the house during relatively low winds (40-50 mph gusts). It turns out they neglected to punch nail slots in the top of the siding where they cut off the nailing flange to meet the roofline, and there was NOTHING securing this area of the siding to the house. Certainteed guarantees this particular siding for life if it is installed to their instructions, but this was clearly not installed correctly. They repaired the siding when it blew off the first time using leftover siding I had. But they refused to fix it the second time unless I payed for the new siding, and they would not agree to install it to Certainteed standards.

When I explained how his installation differed from Certainteeds instructions, the contractor started yelling about how I was “insulting him”. He is a loser who won’t learn from his errors.

Zip Code:11772