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Siding company will not fix mistake

My complaint is against exterior company. Besides many mishaps and stress caused by company while installing the siding on my home, the main issue was that after 2 months after the job was finished, we turned the AC on and discovered that a nail had been hammered into the freon pipe, damaging the compressor and A/C pipe. We had the hole in the freon pipe fixed and a new AC unit installed. Of course now that company does not want to pay for any repairs. We have sent many emails to company to no avail. We will submit complaints to BBB, small claims court and others. Here is a list of their other infractions:

On the second day of work, only one worker showed up because the others were arrested for a DWI the night before.
– Cutting of Internet. Phone, and cable wire which had to be replaced by our Internet Service Provider.
– Breaking of a water pipe, which left us without water for a few hours.
8 nails were hammered into the drainpipe.
– Leaving of nails, glass (inside and outside) and cigarette butts outside.
– Breaking of outside vent.
– Ordering of wrong windows.
– Installation of wrong trim on corners of house.
– Extra wires showing because of new wires installed after the cutting of wires.
– Siding on one sidewall has too many cuttings and some are spaced too much apart and to cover the mistake added caulking, which I paid for siding not caulking where siding should be.
– Side trim by roof was cut and paste does not look smooth.
– Had to ask too many times to repaint, and fix some areas.
– Paint on door is still pealing off.
– Length of time (November 2, 2010-January 26, 2011) it took to complete the job.

This company asked for advanced money a few times before job was completed which we did not give. Everything looks good on paper but I suggest talking to previous clients and see their finished work.

Zip Code:78759