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Water poured in during roofing project

When the asbestos was removed from our roof, contractor was to have put on a protective roof until the permit was finalized.  This did not happen, he put tarps on the roof and to add insult to injury he nailed them down.  Water poured into the two homes that were to be remodeled and all the furniture had to be moved out immediately.. The home had to be abandoned. Contractor is not willing to take any responsibility for this fiasco.  A rubber roof should have been put on, not tarps.   A contractor should know this. We trusted him to guide us through the build.
We checked on his credentials, but he had never did a roof raise in Brooklyn.

I will always go to buildings that were completed and check the job. The only job we checked was his home and that was not enough.  He did not have experience and did not bother to learn.

Zip Code: 11228