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Unlicensed roofer scams many

Contractor made me think he was licensed. He is licensed to frame only in California as I found out. He quoted me a roof on a legal contract for 3000+ and then added up to be over 7000.00+. He did not upgrade the felt as quoted and was paid for. His job was horrible leaving a dent in the top of the roof. I had a licensed contractor look at it and he said that contractor just put a roof layer over the other, making my home dangerous. 1 ft. of snow can now cave in my roof. We have been to everyone in town to help solve this problem and they won’t help. They finally put a cease and desist order on him, only after finding out he has no license, permit of any kind in this state, county or city. This has come down to fraud, defrauding the elderly working without any permit or license. After putting the cease and desist order out to him, he has continued to do contracting jobs. We caught him doing another porch roof on 10/28/10. He worked on a place that had a fire and the man that owned the place called to tell me that his cupboards collapsed. He also did electrical and plumbing their to the amount of 27,000.00. This man must be stopped. Even under the best of licenses, should he ever get them, can’t draw a straight line. He knows nothing about contracting and seems to pray on the elderly. We have spoken to another man that is handicapped, and he said contractor made a mess of his place. He puts out ads saying Home repairs…decks, sheet rock, painting, elect., carpentry, plumbing, concrete, and all other repairs. This man must be stopped ! My life is now in danger because of this heavy roof and my quote from a real contractor to repair, strip, etc is 9,000.00 I am a senior and I
don’t have that kind of money. How many others will he be-fraud without being touched ?

Zip Code: 89445