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Solar panel scam

A former energy company was fined by the Colorado Attorney General for deceptive sales practices. The principals have hired some of the same sales personnel and appear to be at it again. Here is what you should watch out for: 1. They may tell you that they are participating in a government or University study – they are not. They are also not receiving any government grants, or co-op advertising from any other companies, including the manufacturer. 2. They will also secure financing for you and immediately charge half to the account (after your 3 day right of rescission of course). They will then take several weeks or months to put the panels on your home. If you ask questions, they will blame it on the energy company. This is not true. You can verify this by checking the date of the application to the energy company. The turnaround is usually a couple of weeks. They have collected the money and stalled for months before doing any work. If you look at the pictures on their website, none of the work is theirs. Some of the pictures are from the manufacturer. The others are from homes done by other companies.

Do Not Use Them!!!

Zip Code:80215