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Roofing sealant running off of roof

In Feb 2010, Roofing Company installed 2 new flat roofs on our residence, at the cost of nearly $10k. The contract included re-grading, and a maintenance package (annual gutter/downspout cleaning). At the first rain, we noted one roof was collecting water, due to poor grading. And both roofs have since leaked. And they have never come to do our Maintenance. The contractor has been contacted many times and promises not to ‘let us down’. He has even volunteered to return our money. Yet he does not return calls, keep set appointments, or return our money as promised. And secondary issue with this contractor is the roofing sealant that they spread (June 2010), ran off the roof in several places and has caused damage to our new driveway, new garage door, brick house, downspouts, landscaping and the like. They applied this sealant at 6am on a morning that we WERE NOT HOME and had no knowledge of their coming until after they were gone and we were left with the mess.

DO NOT HIRE a contractor because they are recommended to you. CHECK THEM OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! After our trouble, I learned much more. I contacted one of his suppliers in an attempt to reach hime, and learned that the he owes his supplier nearly $10k for materials not paid for. An internet search also found Montgomery County, Dayton Municipal court judgement against him for $12,600.

If you have already hired the Roofing Company, and had trouble with your job, please contact BBB as well as the Attorney General’s office. I have filed complaints with both of these agencies. The AG’s office said they could not offer any additional help unless they received several complaints on the same contractor. Together we can make a difference.

Zip Code:45409