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Roofing contractor trashed my store

Roofing company was the most unprofessional roofing contractor I have ever dealt with. After the dust settled and I had over $3500 of losses due to them not doing their job properly, they flippantly offered a settlement of $500. They will tell you ANYTHING they think you want to hear. Their General Manager couldn’t even be bothered to visit the job after his guys dumped water INSIDE my store! Roof ended up nice (for the landlord) but they trashed the inside of my store because they didn’t do their job. Totally unaccountable, rude and unprofessional. Owners beware!!

I tried to ask all the right questions and got BS for answers. Make sure you check out other jobs they have done of same magnitude. The landlord I have obviously didn’t and ended up giving me a small credit also. Small consolation for shutting me down for almost a week, almost ruining my business and I’m still out almost $2000. I’m sure these guys must have other claims against them. Wish he would have checked around rather than buying their lines.

Zip Code:98604