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Roofing company would not provide warranty

Restoration company in Union, NJ was hired by the Insurance Company as the General Contractor for this large restoration and rebuild project. They became one of the least reliable contractors that I have every dealt with. There happen to be a 14K roofing rebuild in which without my knowledge they decided to subcontract the work out. This large job which is only seven month old is now leaking tremendously. At the time when the roofing job was completed I insisted on a warranty which is customary for the industry. Both companies refused to give me one at all. This is a terrible way to do business. In the end it is my fault because I allowed them to subcontract the roofing work out and did not have in my contract that a warranty must be supplied. This was their defense for not giving me one.

Make sure that you are always in charge of awarding the contract. In a large job no matter what kind of work insist on a warranty for a certain period of time. For 14k in work I should have received one for one to three years. They thought that none was in order. I now have large leaks and no one wants the responsibility to to repair them.

Zip Code:07086