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Roofer would not provide warranty

I paid a contractor who advertises that he is a roofer, contractor, etc. I did not choose him however my Insurance Company did?? HuH?? Wonder about this relationship? Well he received over $14000 for a roof repair which was more of a rebuild. When he completed the job I asked for the pictures that I did demand of pictures of the work before and after he was done. He stated that he forgot to take them. Unfortunately I am afraid of the height so I needed to rely on him. The next thing that I did request was a roofing certification which is very common in the industry. It is nothing more than a warranty for the work they have done,. He refused giving the reason that he only repaired/replaced half of the roof. I insisted that he charged $14k to do this work and a warranty was certainly in order for the half of roof he did. In the past I have received warranties for 1 yr for roofers who have just completed repairs. I did not hire the contractor so I could not hold payment so I ended up with nothing more than a roof that is severely leaking at this point. Everyone is passing the blame and no one is offering to warranty the work at all.

In your proposal when it is drawn up be sure that the roofer. contractor is contracting to supply you with a warranty for whatever work that he is doing. As I stated that even if he is just doing some flashing in the corner of the roof then he should present you with a warranty for that work for a minimum of one year. Everyone warranties their work today even if it if for six months. No one does a job that has a significant cost behind it and does not want to warranty at part of it. Car mechanics even will give you thirty days on their work. This is terrible. There is a big reason I think that he operates under so many different names.

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