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Roofer will not honor the warranty

I filed a claim on my roof on date of loss May 1, 2010. Roofing Company Third Generation/Over 75 years gave me a price of $10,500.00 to replace my roof. It was supposed to have a 7 year contractor labor warranty and 25 year manufacture warranty. I first notified them last month that that my ceiling was linking up stair in my
hallway and he needed to come out and check a look at it. He told me okay but never came. I started calling again but he never answered. Now on August 24,2011 it rained again and I came home and water was everywhere on my floor. Now I have a leaking area in my kitchen and den area. Have mildew in my dining room area. The adjuster came back out on August 30, 2011 to follow up on my claim. It just doesn’t make sense when a contractor takes your money and doesn’t honor your complaints. He won’t answer his phone. I called from my home phone and, as soon as I started talking, he hung up. Something needs to be done. My insurance will cancel me.

Zip Code:38125