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Roofer cursed at me

FOUR no-show, no-calls on days he set appointments to do work. When I naturally called to ask if there was a problem (on the third no-show), he actually said, “I am SICK of dealing with YOU”. Shocked, I said, “I don not see what is unreasonable about calling to find out why the crew is not here on a day and time you set as the reschedule. You have not cause to curse at me. I’m not sure I want you to complete the work.” then he said, “FINE!!! I’ll just put a LIEN ON YOUR HOUSE!!” I can only say…wow. I am so shocked and horrified that the supposed owner of Roofing Contractor would behave in such a manner to a paying customer–to ANY customer…I’m speechless. The work has been unimpressive and his behavior unprofessional start to present. He then tried to say, “well, I am having a bad day”. His constant failure to manage his crew and himself in a professional manner was costing me not only understandable aggravation but lost work and clients as well. But I was being polite and respectful with him. Certainly and CUSTOMER deserved to expect the same.

Zip Code:75062