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Roof leaks after new room addition

Well i had a room added on to my house and new roof (metal) over whole thing. After he added the roof to the new room it started leaking now every time I call him his wife says she will give message but he never calls back this has been going on for 5 yrs now he came out 3 yrs ago and caulked it between the 2 roofs and with in a month when the rains came again it started leaking has ruined my dresser carpet and mold is growing now for the last 3 yrs the window is leaking in new room and it is attached to a screened in porch with a metal roof he still hasn’t been back to fix that problem either. Same prob there as the roof on the back bedroom

yes never hire him. we told him he was doing the roof wrong since my dad was a builder back in the day.

Zip Code:77831