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Foreman for metal roofing job difficult to work with

I called the company to just ask what a metal roof usually cost. This very pleasant man responds with let me send a salesperson out to talk with you. Now the very last thing I want is a salesperson in my house (no offense we all need jobs and someone has to do it). I told this very nice person I was just checking because I have always wanted a metal roof and it might be 2 years before we do it. He said, no pressure, just let him come out. Against my better judgment I did. The salesman arrived and was one of the most pleasant guys you would ever meet. Very professional, easy to talk to. We agreed on a deal. He said they would take care of everything. The would put a boot on the dish. We were sorry to see him go. We felt like we had a very good friend when he left. He had said the same thing. He felt like he was leaving family. Later that day I was really having second thoughts as to whether we could make the payments. I called him back and he said let him send somebody out to look at the numbers. Next day job foreman comes out. He starts right off the bat double talking numbers, my impression was to confuse me. After some time we agreed on a total. He then said 3 times in a matter of a few minutes, that he was taking a hit. That it was costing him to sell me the roof at that price. So by this time I think he thinks I am a moron.
Just after he came in, I said to him, your company’s website needs a link for emails. I searched all over the website so that I could email them to tell them how great the sales man was. He said use social media. And while you’re in there put some stuff about me. I hadn’t even known the man 5 minutes. So buy this time I’m just ready to get this guy out of my house. The crew came out that Friday and started the job. Wow those guys really work hard they did a great job! Very respectful and professional. I got to thinking about the dish. How are they going to do this? Build the roof around it? Maybe I am a moron. I called to check and the salesman said I needed to call dish. Agh oh well no big deal. I’m on the phone for over a hour with dish and I receive a text (did job foreman call you)? No was he suppose to? Yes he was supposed to tell you we have the dish covered. Ok good. Saturday the crew is packing up and they tell me they are short 1 piece to finish the roof and they would be back Monday to finish. What about the dish? We weren’t told to put it back. OMG I will just handle it Monday. I call dish to reschedule the appointment to align the dish for Tuesday. I get a call from the foreman. Ma’am we are waiting on the piece. We will be back out there Wednesday. Ok. Couple of hours go by I think, oh no the Tuesday appointment. I call the foreman back and tell him. He said I thought dish was suppose to do it. I almost lost it! Then he said I’ll have someone come out today. Man comes out and ask, are you sure you want this on the roof. Yep, right on that boot I have been told several times that you all are going to put it on. No ma’am this is a bracket we use for shingle roofs. I didn’t say no, I said he’ll no. So he gets on the phone. 2 minutes later my phone rings. It is the foreman trying his best to convince me it is the bracket they use for metal roofs. I LOST IT! I went off on him and told him not to EVER call me again. I called the owner of the company and he seemed to just want to make excuses for the foreman. After all this is was still going to use them for my siding job, because the job was done well and if someone is to get a commission on the job I would like my new friend to get it. Wednesday it was stormy, so I understand why they did not come out. Its official I am a moron, because I at least expected a phone call to let me know, because they all ready know I am a little perturbed. Thursday at 200pm still no sign of no one and no phone call. I know I told the job foreman DO NOT contact me, but you would think for all the hassle/drama endured the company would have some one call. Instead I called the owner again. I got excuses. No apologies, just excuses.
They finally came out Friday to pick up their dumpster trailer and on Saturday to finish the roof. I am taking my siding project to someone else.
Foot note: we were told that the job would be finished and we would have to sign off on it before they would get paid. They all ready have charged my account for the job. Buyer beware

Do alot of research before you agree to hire someone.

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