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Contractor turned out to be a Hurricane Chaser

If I could give zero stars, I would. We signed a contract with them to complete all phases of restoration after our house took on 5 ft of water from the surge. After 6 months the work was still not completed. Much of the work that had been finished under the contractors’s supervision was poorly done or unfinished: everything from electrical wiring, HVAC and water heater installation, painting of trim and doors, etc. Our roof still cannot pass inspection. As I handed him our last insurance check, which was the final portion of the more than $70,000 in flood and windstorm monies they received, he quit and left town, although he swore to stay on the job until our work was completed. He gave the prime contractor our check and fled to save himself. He was the one whom I put my trust in, but he took complete advantage of our desperate circumstances. If he could treat hurricane victims this way, beware of any business you do with him. Anyone with ethics or empathy would have made sure the contract was honored. He obviously lacks both. My family was not the only one negatively affected by the contractor. They turned out to be the Hurricane chasers everyone warns you about.


Zip Code:55423