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Cancelled roofing contract

I signed a contract with Roofing Company for repairs.  After he completed work the next day it rained and the roof still leaked.  I called and he said he was coming out now to see; but he waited a day or two to come out.  I sent him an e-mail telling him not to patch with tar.  I had previously told him the rusted valley needed replacement, but it wasn’t in the contract. The contractor’s response was to lay a thick wide band of tar down the length of the valley (around 20 ft in length) and spray paint the tar with a color similar to the roof color.  He claimed his work was guaranteed.

I initially agreed to one-half of the cost he required to start.  I cancelled the other one-half due on completion (via credit card) since the roof leaked when he thought the work was complete.  Now I am uncertain what the life expectancy of a wide twenty foot swipe of roofing tar.  Is it one year or two years? My position is the work is not complete since the rusted, pitted valley should have been replaced.  This, however , was not spelled out in the contract since I didn’t know the valley was need to be replaced until another contractor told me it needed replacement.

Also, I was completely ignorant, that letting the roofer remove slate up to the roof line (as the roofer told me he needed to do to control leaks) and replace with asphalt degraded the value of my slate roof.  No help from the
roofer on proper advice.  Apparently some roofers only do asphalt.

Learn all you can about how to cure your problem and put everything in writing. And visit and talk to everyone you can especially house inspectors, architects and other roofers.

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