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Never requested a written estimate from windows contractor

I discussed hiring window contractor to construct a small Florida room 10×11. He gave me a price of between $6 and $7k, and we would deduct any materials I paid for. I expected a written proposal to follow, instead woke to the sound of a rototiller prepping for the foundation. Foolishly I thought he was a man that worked on a hand shake and besides he asked for no money till complete. The job was one disaster after another including the cement truck sinking to the axial in my yard causing it to look like a war zone. I tried to shrug it off. I spent 2k of my money on windows and patio doors and that was to be deducted. every day I came home to a huge mess and cleaned it up myself. the piles of debris killed the grass in several areas. the simple project dragged on 3.5 weeks,,,when the job was done to his standard he shocked me and said he wanted $14k for the work. Looking back, I should have stopped him the morning he started without a written estimate and terms (this was the first time for me to hire help) now in hind site, I attempted to find his location and its as if he does not exist! I really feel stupid about how this all went down but learned a big lesson. I ended paying him $7.5k and with the $2k I spent brings the total to $9.5k. my yard is trashed and a lot of left over material was left for me to deal with,,,sigh

Unfortunately I trusted too much in the opinion of my neighbors where he did work, they said he did great work and stuck to his estimate when the work was done.
I learned my lesson and will not jump at a good price so quick next time and rather choose a reputable company willing to give details in a contract about expectations and costs. I really feel foolish but I hope this will prevent someone else from going through what I did.

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