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Contractor refuses to finish job after installing windows and doors

On November 4, 2014, my home caught on fire. On January 12, 2015, I hired a construction company to repair my home for the agreed amount of $18,550.00. On February 18, 2015, I gave him $6,500 cash. On March 23, 2015, I gave him $9,000 cash, totaling the amount of $15,5000 paid on the contract. He told me to hold the remaining $3,000.00 until he was finished with the job. I have given him 85% of the monies contracted for the repairs that I have received from the insurance company. He has done little work and refuses to finish the job until I give him the remaining $3000.00 of the contract. I explained that I am uncomfortable with giving him the remaining balance because my house is nowhere near ready to move back into. To date, he has installed 9 windows, a back door and rewired 2 outlets in the damaged bedroom. There has been nothing painted or repaired from the fire damage. He provided me with a list of materials that he states he has purchased in the amount of $11,550.00. I do not think he actually purchased materials because there are no materials on the job site nor has there been. When I hired him, he informed me that he was licensed and insured and provided me with a business card which indicated such. After he had been working on the job for several weeks, on and off, he called and told me I would need to get a permit for the electrical inspection. I assumed since he was the contractor that he had already obtained a permit. I did get a permit for the electrical in the damaged bedroom. He also informed me that I needed to call for an inspection, which I did. The inspection did not pass because the electrical was not up to code due to new law requiring smoke detectors to be hardwired. We consulted with an electrician to do the needed work to bring it up to code since our contract with the contractor does not include the extra electrical work required. He then stated that he could not work on the house until electricity was restored. We got a temporary power pole installed and connected. Now he is stating that he will not complete the job unless he is paid the remaining balance. After contacting RBC, I learned that he does not have a license and that because the amount of work he is doing is over $5000.00, he should have had a bond as well. He refuses to complete the job, and refuses to return the materials that he says he purchased with the money we paid him or the money so that I can get someone else to do the work. I just want to move back in my home.

Never pay for the job until it is complete. Always check the persons license. Anyone can print a business card stating that they are licensed and insured. When it comes to business do not be a trusting soul like I was.

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