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Taken advantage by building contractor

Building contractor took advantage of us. They did awful work, did not finish painting, put up a cheap door, did not install the bathroom towels holder and toilet paper holder properly. They also did not pay the painter, ran us up a major bill, did not go by our budget. Drywall guys ordered too much supplies and told my husband he was lucky they liked him or they would charge him for extra supplies. Plumbers put t_shirts in our lines and we had to call another plumber to redo the lines and used a cracked board on my porch ceiling, after being told not too. Half of our electric outlets put outside will not even work. My husband was devastated. He took every dime we had. Also took our water pump for our sprinkler system and tore up our yard and sprinklers.

Check your contractor out and ask to see work they have done. Hire your own plumbers and electrical crew. He told us we had to use his people, which was a lie.

Zip Code:28411