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Remodeling drama

I hired 7 contractors.  5 were great, 1 was good and 1 was poor. A women I worked with recommended him. I needed painting a rail, putting up door hinges, changing lights, etc.  When his estimate came back he wanted $65/hour. I showed the picture of a basement to my carpenter and he said that cost around $35/$40 and the paint job is $25/hour and he does wonderful work. Well I went back to her and said that is a little high for me and she said the contractor was worth every penny.  She said that he was fast, she said she gave him the key to her house when she went to Europe and if your not happy he fixes his work.  Since my father was dying in a nursing home and I had to move I decided to let the contractor work in my house with the estimate of roughly $1800.  The contractor came out and said it would take 6 hours to prep the railing. One thing I was surprised about is that he asked me when he was going to get paid.  Being an independent contractor he said he had a cash flow problem.  Being a Christian I told him I would pay him at the end of the day.  He is the only contractor I hired who wanted to get paid before the job was done.  I told him to do what he need to and since she told me I could leave him alone, I went to the nursing home and the nursery.  I check on him once and he said he was fine.  I came back after five and told him to call me went he was done.  He called me in and the the front of the poll looked good.  He point out the bubbles on the right side of the poll and said he would make his corrects the next time he came.  After any of my contractors do a good job I give them a gift card to show them how much I appreciate them.  My contractor got no card.  I did not have a chance to look at the rail because my father was getting worse.  My interior decorator from Sherwin Williams came out and saw the rail.  She said my contractor did a crappy job. There were bubbles, lines, holes not filled in with painters putty, he painted over dirt, he did not do a good job in sanding because there was paint build up, there were several spots where he didn’t even paint, there was even a piece of the wood cracked off.  It was a mess.  All my contractors said it was not a very good job to a very poor job for the price you paid.  I called my contractor and he came out.  I pointed out several of his mistakes.  He didn’t say what he would do about it.  He just insulted the person who point out the mistake to me. He was very nasty and this was on the day of my father’s funeral.  I told him I either want it fixed or my money back.  My contractor told me that he was not going to do anymore work for me and he was not going to refund my money.  I told him I hired a new handyman to finish the other items on the list and another contractor only charges $20/hour. I asked my contractor why he charged me $65/hour and he said he has taxes to pay.  My management company of the condo charges $50/hour and they are insured. I told my painter was coming at 1:00pm and he just left without returning. His son, the painter, said there were so many problems to have my carpenter, put up new wood.  That is very expensive.  The women who sold me my furniture ask me if her husband (who has been painting since he was 16 and he is now 59.  He was also a builder) could look at it.  He said he could fix it and to call another contractor at the condo. He screwed up by spray painting it in a small space and used a mini roller with a special roller and OIL base paint. They had to use razor blades.  I called my contractor up and told him the other contractor wanted $500-$600 at $25/hour and my contractor said to send him an estimate. 

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