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Paving company installed during rain

My husband was working in our front yard when a contractor for a Paving company just dropped in. He pressured us into agreeing to have our two driveways done because he had ‘extra’ material and was giving us a ‘great’ deal. They started work late that afternoon (on a Friday) after telling us they would start the following Monday. They were back on Saturday, even though rain was in the forecast. When my husband asked the owner what would happen if it rained on the new driveway, he said they would have to re-do it because tar would come through the stone. Well, it did. They were actually working in the rain AFTER he had asked for payment, in cash. (red flag!) They continued to work in a downpour, and then said they would be back Monday to ‘see how it looked’. They came back, but, all they did was cover the exposed tar with more stones, without putting down fresh tar, and without pressing them into the existing tar. And, they only did one of our driveways!
As well, several of the crewmen were disrespectful of our property, leaving trash around. And, they put two large piles of old stone from our driveway in our garden! (without asking where we wanted it) A girlfriend of one of the crewmen actually picked peaches off our peach tree, without asking.We hadn’t even picked any for ourselves yet.
On Tuesday, the owner claimed that the job was complete. Really?! He was not at all moved by our complaints.

Our 5 year old grandson could have done a better job with a pail and shovel!

Zip Code:49051