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Online referral did a terrible job on our fence

I found a contractor through an online website. On December 15th, I paid $9,600 via wire transfer and then the company thought they would attach my new cedar fence to my old, rotten posts. When I requested the posts be replaced, they charged me an additional $800. Total out-of-pocket cost $10,400 was paid to contractor for the installation of multiple drainages and an 8ft cedar fence, which was installed as a 6ft fence.
Current Situation: Concrete torn up. Drains incomplete. Fence pickets not nailed to fence post, fence is not level; Torn up concrete around fence post and left with gapping/jagging holes; Sliding gate entrance was never complete. The place the gate was supposed to slide open was nailed to my fence and left (picture attached); Sidewalk where drain was partially installed, was left with no grate and torn up cement; French Drain does not drain in front; Drain in front of driveway was cut and grates were put in; however, the filler for the space between the concrete and grate was not installed; Debris and unused concrete were left on my property; First two days a full crew arrived to work but there was never a full crew again. One or two workers would show up, who had no experience building fences or working with concrete; Promised my project would be complete within a week and would be “perfect” to be left with destroyed property, my Christmas was spent with 1/2 fence and 3 dogs; Attached is the complete text conversation between myself and the owner, who time and time again promises to complete the project but never showed up. Promised I was due a refund; Promised to stain my fence for free due to the debacle I endured.

I have a copy of the entire text chain between myself and the owner, which includes his promise of a refund.

NEVER pay full amount prior to completion, check BBB, YELP any place you can find a review of this business. If I had done these things, I would never have used this business. The owner and his company have numerous complaints on review websites and 6 BBB cases.

Zip Code:75228