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Holding the last installment for remaining work

Contractor lies when scheduling work. He will request money in advance then not do work. He takes up more jobs than can handle and then is not able to handle them well. There are three persons or jobs that I have come to know whose work is not being done. He asks for money and when not given he will not do work.
If you help with money by giving some in advance (more than what the contract says) then you will fall in that trap.
I have given money in advance, but the work to be finished for that money is not done. Now he is requesting more money to get that work done in advance from what I have left to give him at the end. Like any contractor once they get money in full or just some remaining, they do not care about that job as they are getting more money at newer jobs.
I do not want to give the last installment that is to be given at the end of job to be in the same situation. But still work is not being done. He says that he had a loss of $35k from a year ago at another job. But that is not caused by me.
Again, I have told him to finish the work and I will pay him the whole amount. He lies that he has stopped all work as he does not have money for gas or to give anyone. But he is working on a big job that he just started. But he is keeping three other jobs waiting and pending.

Do not give any money in advance.

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