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Deposit never returned and work never performed

Gave contractor $5000 and change for deposit back at the end of Oct. It is now almost August and he has stopped returning my calls, has done nothing. The story is too long to tell. He kept on saying I will start in X amount of weeks but never started. He gave me back plans after long periods of time when he was supposed to have had the designer adjusting them, and last time, after having them for 3 weeks, they came back with nothing changed on them. He was supposed to, for the last chance, start this past last week of July but never showed up, never called, and won’t return emails or calls.

I am trying to see about arbitration and the guaranty fund in Massachusetts. Always have a start date and end date in the contract… and this loan was for a home modification for the disabled from Massachusetts…a state run program…he is probably playing around with the WRONG people.

Zip Code:01106