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Deck contractor returned materials and used old supplies.

I hired a guy to build a deck for me that had a contracting company that advertised at the local hardware store. He came to my home and was friendly and seemed very knowledgable at gave an estimate and agreed to start quickly. He told me that I did not need a building permit and being a single female homeowner I took him at his word. BIG MISTAKE NUMBER ONE! The deck has become a nightmare. He purchased all of the materials with my “half down” on the $3500.00 project and began work. He failed to show back up for a week after he started and would not return phone calls. He eventually came back and finished the job with no explanation or mention of my phone calls. After letting the deck “season” as instructed I began the following spring to stain and treat the deck and the real nightmare began. The wood began to seep sap from every part of every board. From there it went downhill fast. Long story short, I found out that he had returned all the proper materials and used junk he had. I have no joist hangers, posts are merely sitting on the ground, did not use the required galvanized nails and screws, did not even attach to my house. I have a $3500.00 eyesore now attached to my home and he simply would not return phone calls or answer to certified letters sent. Without a permit it is on me, as the homeowner and he seems untouchable at this point. I have found out from multiple sources that he has been doing this same “scam” for years. I want to put it out there as much as I can so that another person does not end up in the same position I am in. Out $3500.00 and doing a whole lot of work to tear down what you paid good money to have put in only a year and a half ago.

Do not trust the word of anyone! Do your own investigating regardless of what you are told. Don’t find out the hard way that you are doing business with a man that has no honor.

Zip Code:47909