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Contractor stopped working once he collected all the money

He starts out with bidding on the job sets a price fixed, and just by hearing you responding to a suggestion to do, he does it, maybe you like it, you say stay in budget, he tells you you are, then he waits until he has gotten all money from the bank and then he pulls his people off the job right in the middle of a project before you know it he says he is out of money and you have to pay for this or that or he wont do this or that. I am stuck with his contract and maybe 80,000 to finish my house, He has ruined my home the story is more involved of several people he has done this way. He suggests things and you say keep me in budget then he also says later you owe me an order change and 17%. He is mean and ugly told me I was the meanest cruelest human being he ever met told others he can f anyone out of their money.

go to court, I guess this is sad and I really don’t know how to fix this have an attorney look at your contract

Zip Code:31061