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Contractor doesn’t pay his employees

My advice is stay as far away from this company as possible. I spent over 15 years in the Army and I recognize a leader when I see one and the owner of this company is not a leader nor a contractor I recommend to any fellow Veteran. The owner is arrogant and selfish and cares about no one but himself. I worked for this company and quickly came to realize the facts. The owner had no set schedule for us to turn in hours and paid us whenever he felt like it. He once told me and I quote “Don’t think I’m being arrogant but paying my employees is not one of my top priorities.” Perhaps the owner needs to rethink his priorities because if you don’t pay your employees and treat them fairly you will very quickly not have any workers to do the work. A sure sign of a bad contractor is one that treats its employees bad. Think about this would you want someone working on your house that was worried all the time about getting paid instead on doing a good job on your house. The owner is one of the worst contractors to work for, certainly not a Christian who cares about people and the livelihood and no friend to Veterans. Do you really want someone like this working on your house on commercial property?

Do not hire nor work for this company. The owner is arrogant, selfish and doesn’t pay his employees. He also not Veteran friendly and doesn’t pay his employees on time.

Zip Code:75063