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Contractor did not finish and is not responding

I had a drunk driver hit my house in November 2010. Construction company contacted me and came to look at the damage done to my house. We ended up hiring him to do the job. It has been a NIGHTMARE. He had his workers break into our house to work on it one day because he was too lazy to come unlock the door for them, the work that has been completed is done WRONG and NOT up to code, he started the job in December and here it is March and it is still NOT DONE. Currently he hasn’t done any work on our house in over FIVE WEEKS. He has basically taken our money and ran. He doesn’t call us back for days upon end. He has resorted to sending us text messages on our cell phones, COME ON how UNPROFESSIONAL is that? The list goes on and on. Please tell your family and friends that business is a SHAM!!!!!!

Zip Code:04210