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$100k in remodeling damage

Construction company bid $37,5, similar to others. Made written agreement, $7k down, said he bought other big items, paid another $7k. Contractor did $30 k damage. Found out despite me paying for it, he had not pulled a permit. Contractor came said can quit, or pay me more and will complete in 10 days. Paid $7k more. Contractor did $100k damage to home major screw ups and walked off job. Says won’t finish or fix errors unless I sign new contract that defacto makes contractor not liable for $100k in damage he did and now wants more money.

-Never believe references
-Never put any money down
-Best way to separate good from crooks- Always make contractor produce performance bond or construction insurance good for double amount.
-If contractor is reliable it won’t cost them much.  If ex disbarred lawyer from used car dealership- can’t get bond or insurance.
-Liability insurance of contractor is near worthless to you.

Zip Code: 80111