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Unprofessional painting contractor

Painting company working in the Cleveland area. I was employed for three days. This is the most unprofessional person I have worked for in the 16 years I have been painting. She made up strange rules on the fly. I could only call her one time a day or she would get mad and safety of the people she employed did not matter to her. It snowed three feet on the fourth day that I was supposed to work and I called to tell I would not be able to make it. She told me that if I did not come in I would be on double secret probation. The next the roads were still un-passable and I quit. She would not answer the phone or return my e-mails. I did not get paid for two out of the three days I worked. I will be taking her to small claims court and she does not seem to mind.

Do not work for this company and/or do not have this company do any work for you.

Zip Code: 44065