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Painter took advantage of my mother

My 79 year old mother who lost her husband 2 months ago hired a Painting contractor from easton pa to paint the exterior and interior of her home. She asked him if he was insured and licensed and he said yes. She asked for a contract after a verbal estimate of $2015.00 plus cost of the paint supplies and was told he would produce it for her with his credentials. He started the job and asked for a $1000.00 deposit. My mom gave him a $1000.00 and he started the job. He did a lousy job of power washing. You can still see the dirt on the house and he proceeded to paint the aluminum siding with latex primer..and latex paint. The original color was bleeding through, and I told him he needs to do another coat and he told me he already did 2 coats which was a lie. He then started to nickel and dime my mother for every little thing he did. Keep in mind he still hasn’t given her a contract or his credentials. After about a week, I got involved because my 79 year mother called me crying that he’s adding charges on and she was afraid. She gave me his number and I tried to call but it was a wrong number then he gave her 2 more business cards with wrong numbers. Finally, when I did get a hold of him I told him I would write up a contract and meet him at my mothers. I explained to him that when we would meet I want to see his his license and insurance certificate as well he came grabbed his stuff and left and kept my mothers $1000.00.

Never let a contractor start without a contract thats signed and make sure you see there credentials

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