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Painter neglected lead-based paint on exterior

Painting contractor did not complete the work that was designated in the contract. They provided terrible customer service. They demanded us to pay more money, which was not in agreement with the contract, before completing the job he started. Even after being notified of potential lead based paint on our exterior, he proceeded to do nothing about it. Testing and containment of the job site were never completed. We have 3 young children to be concerned about. But, he stated in a phone conversation, “I am not concerned about your family.” Poor workmanship!!! He does not stand by his word. Instead, he insults his customers by stating remarks such as “your house is nothing special” and “I have multi-million dollar contracts and don’t have time to deal with you.” He loves to make it known that he has 2 brothers that are attorneys. I guess that is suppose to mean something.??

Zip Code:48236