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Painter did not use primer

Contractor is the worst!  He talked me into letting him paint my living room while I was gone.  I returned to find my living room was a disaster.  He did no preparation.  23 nails, screws, hangers were still in the wall!  He used SW Pro contractors paint, rated the worst by Consumers.  It was chalky & rough on the woodwork.  He painted vinyl paint over oil based, so was peeling off after a week! Did not use primer –3  coats did not cover evenly.  The worst part was that he said he was not responsible for the mess and refused to fix it or give a refund! I was ripped off. Three painters gave estimates to fix it. All 3 said he had created a disaster which they didn’t want to fix.  They each took his name and said they would spread the word among painter circles.

He does not stand by his work nor that of anyone he hires to help him.  Oh yes, he even believes that contractor grade paint is the best grade!  What does that say about him?  I was also told that he has been sued twice for poor work!

Zip Code: 47803