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Cabin painted wrong color

We contracted with this company on 6/3/2013 with a deposit of $3,000.00 and a balance of $1,052.55 due upon completion of this job. You don’t normally put out 75% of the contract to start, but we had done business with him in the past and we thought we could trust him and believe his work would be beyond reproach. We were sadly mistaken !! We are still awaiting the final word from the state ROC as we have filed numerous complaints due to his awful painting of our cabin, just on one side, but no priming, no scraping, no caulking of cracks and using the wrong color paint, and spraying this paint on a wood log surface, only used 1 coat and it looks AWFUL!!! He then installed cracked and split spindles and railings on our back porch and sprayed them also 1 coat, raw wood, no primer used. also in the wrong color as well. We informed him of all these mistakes and they just ignored all our requests to use the correct color paint and to install the proper type of railings on the porch which were a “dowel cut” not this “Rough Hewn” garbage he had put up there, now we are at this point in time stuck with 2 different styles of porch railings !!! It makes no difference at this point if and when he does or does not fix all these mistakes, it’s a fact that he’s done them, I have many photos to prove all that I state here as to his quality of work, so in that respect I feel this complaint is more then justified in posting, all I can say, in my opinion, “buyer beware”!!

Zip Code:85928