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On November 4, 2014, my home caught on fire. On January 12, 2015, I hired a construction company to repair my home for the agreed amount of $18,550.00. On February 18, 2015, I gave him $6,500 cash. On March 23, 2015, I gave him $9,000 cash, totaling the amount of $15,5000 paid on the contract. [...]

The owner is an abusive and angry individual. He drives wreck less and is an obvious sign of how he conducts business. He yelled offensive words to me, threatening my life, and wanted to fight me. I had a 19 month old child in my car at the time. This type of contractor does not [...]

The contractors we hired are thieves. We are Sandy victims. We hired them 8/2/13/to repair our home. They took our money but never completed the work. Completion date was 11/13. They misrepresented themselves to us. They have had several company names. We are not the only victims. Advice: Keep track of how much money you [...]

My advice is stay as far away from this company as possible. I spent over 15 years in the Army and I recognize a leader when I see one and the owner of this company is not a leader nor a contractor I recommend to any fellow Veteran. The owner is arrogant and selfish and [...]

Do not hire contractor for Granite countertops. I got his # from another contractor building my cabinets. He came out right away with his wife. Claimed he didn’t have his contracts or cards since he was in his wife's car. Needed 1/2 up front. He could not truly start until the new cabinets were installed. [...]

Contractor has been in my house for almost a year working on and off. Bathroom is still not completed. The work has been so bad that we had to have a Texas Qualified Inspector come and inspect the work. He found 50 plus items that were either poor quality or not up to code. After [...]

Tornado hit my home in November 2013. A tree fell through my house and knocked out two windows and broke a support beam in my basement. I paid the contractor in full to fix the home. On March 28th, my house burned down. The contractor had never done any work on the home. We asked [...]

Fired Remodeling Contractor after 13 days because he was so bad and he sued me for breach of contract. Can't believe he won! Legal system didn't do justice. I have all documentation and pictures. Advice: Please look for references and reviews. Zip Code:14616

The ad reads "30 yrs in drywall repair; can fix any type drywall repair. (he also paints, not listed) The contractor started in March and told us it would be done on April 10th. He never shows up and, when he does, he keeps painting same room over and over since he get's paid by [...]

Contraction was hired to extend my garage, but it was never completed. Moreover, he started taking windows of my home but never went back to finish. He dug up power lines.The cable box had to be remounted by another contractor, taking 3 hours to rewire. Now, the glass is coming unglued. He left the project [...]