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Remodeling contractors charged $12,000 and didn’t perform

Extremely dishonest. Contractor and partner said the project would take 2 wks., they only used Sherwin Williams paint, solid birch cabinets would be installed, and they asked for 1/2 of the money before the project began and would collect the other half after the job was completed.

Six weeks later, we are still in a hotel. After bamboozling  an additional $4,000 out of us, we have not seen them and contractor hasn’t returned any phone calls. They used 3 types of wood, including yellow pine and pressed wood. The cabinets will not even stain properly due to the different types of wood used and the poor quality of the materials. The hole for the oven is too small, the texturing is different on each wall, and the paint they used was not even sold at Sherwin Williams. It is now my opinion that if someone has to tell you what a good person they are….they most likely are NOT! Contractor is constantly caught in one lie after another. First he portrays himself as a cabinet-maker, then a general contractor, and now he says he is “just a salesperson.” Other is a bit slicker, but just as dishonest. He held us hostage in the middle of the project for 2 wks. and threatened not to finish it unless we gave them the rest of the money. After cashing the 2nd check, neither contractor have been to our house. We trusted these men. We foolishly gave them the 2nd check and trusted they would finish the job. In reality, they never intended to finish the project. They took the 2nd check and never looked back. They are thieves.

Contractor states there is no contract. This is untrue. THERE IS A CONTRACT.

The deal was Constructors get one half of the money up front and half AFTER THE JOB IS COMPLETE. I hardly call unstained cabinets, unpainted walls, and the utter mess they left a finished job. Plus, they promised to fix the wallpaper he tore while carelessly removing our cabinets. Another lie. I will gladly post the many pictures we have taken to back up my truth to this post. Contractor had stated that the job would take 2 wks. He was well aware that we were going out of town in 3 wks. We had planned to leave them a key, but after he left our patio door open ALL NIGHT LONG we could hardly trust him with a key. OUR PATIO DOOR WAS LEFT OPEN DURING A RAINY NIGHT. Not unlocked, BUT WIDE OPEN!!! Would you give a key to anyone with such disregard for your home? My pictures will show the paint cans, thinners, scraps, paint droppings, sawdust, etc.. he left all over the
house. Not to mention the paint that was poured down our sink. Where are your pictures of the completed job??? There are none. You only sent the registered letter after we informed you we WERE TAKING LEGAL ACTION!!!! We are now using a reputable contractor who takes pride in his work and is respectful of our home.

PEOPLE DO YOUR HOMEWORK. It is strange that this is the only review. IT’S CONTRACTORS LIKE THESE (who leave a family in the middle of a project) WHO GIVE CONTRACTORS A BAD NAME. Our house is not inhabitable and we have now been in a hotel for over 6 wks. We trusted them….don’t make the same mistake.

We have now hired a legitimate contractor and it is costing us our savings to finish the project that the previous Contractors abandoned halfway through and to undo the damages they did in the first half…like tearing off a large piece of wallpaper in a room they weren’t even working in and sloshing stain and paint everywhere.

We paid over $12,000.00 and received a mess! I hope I can prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Zip Code: 77573