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Plumber overcharged for permit and parts

We are seniors living on a fixed income. We were grossly over charged for the installation of a new water heater. We were charged for a permit/inspection that was only $56.00 and they charged us $175.00 and tried to cover up the cost on the permit. The work was done 2 months ago and we have not seen an inspector out yet. When I called them on 3/7 they had not gotten the permit and still have not seen an inspector. We sent to Lowe’s with our invoice as to what they had charged for the parts to replace the water heater. They had charged us $489.00 more then they should have.

Don’t ever call this plumbing company in East Charleston for any kind of work. The only reason we used them was because we have home insurance and they sent them over for the service. We are now going to contact everyone we can and warn them about this fraudulent company.

Zip Code:89122