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Made a mess during kitchen remodel

I have just completed an absolutely HORRIBLE experience with a local Home Improvement company. I hired them after meeting with one of their contractors. He understood the style I was after and seemed like a genuinely nice person – even said he considered me a friend. Well, over the course of the next 2 months, I had nothing but bad experiences with him, his foreman, and his workers. Here are a few indiscretions:
* The workers went into rooms that were specifically marked “DO NOT ENTER”
* My home was left without a working toilet over a 3 day holiday weekend.
* NO protection was put down to keep the massive amounts of dust and debris off of my furniture, out of my air conditioning vents and out of rooms not being worked in.
* My front door was left UNLOCKED.
* My personal linens were used to mop up caulk – destroying them.
* The workmanship was VERY POOR – and they even admitted that!!!
* They completely FORGOT to install a hand shower in the master bath – didn’t plumb it at all, just left it in a box.
* They put a dent in my brand new tub.
* The cut huge messy holes in my brand new vanities without asking me first.
* They sealed the travertine tiles with stains on them.
* They failed to protect the new wood floors and subsequently scratched and damaged them.
* There was a 5 page list of complaints and over 20 emails that I could share, but just wanted it known that NO ONE should trust this company.

I will be more than happy to elaborate to any interested parties.

Best advice: Get a referral from a TRUSTED source!!!!!!

Zip Code:90293