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Horrible condo kitchen remodel

Hired contractor after he was referred to me through an online server. He seemed honest enough…  I thought well cant be that bad. From the very start. He said he didn’t cater for things always billed  very efficiently. That was the only thing efficient…Six months later, my 800 square foot condo is  is still not finished… He has been over paid.  He has put in the worst kitchen I have ever seen  looks like the cabinets were cut by a butter knife.  All the finishes I selected ended up different.  The only one in agony now is me.  Have dreadful kitchen to rip out. Dishonest, Unreliable, Unprofessional… that’s how I would rate this company.

Never pay in advance apart from the original deposit… Keep your eyes on the job all the time.. They say they have done things where they haven’t… If they can get away with it they will!

Zip Code: 33139