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Contractor uses California license in Nevada

I am waging a complaint against  a California contractor doing business in Nevada. He is doing building, repairs, plumbing and electrical work without as much as a permit in Nevada but does show his Calif license. His work is very shoddy and he will not stand behind it. The fire repair was the kitchen and the cabinets have collapsed. Another homeowner made many many calls to him and was told he would be out to see the work he messed up, but, he never showed. He has given both of us and me an legal estimate sheet which we found out yesterday, was illegal. He also got both of us for 2000.00+ over his bid. I talked to the state yesterday and they said they have had
several complaints in the past on this man.he put a roof on for me and changed the bid by over 2000.00, yet I never saw the material he was suppose to have gotten.He is still working and the state here said they might put a cease and desist order on him. I certainly wouldn’t let him have another Ca. contractors license. His work is horrible. We aren’t the only ones to complain and I don’t believe he should be showing his license from Ca. He is working totally illegal.

Zip Code: 89445