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Contractor didn’t finish and ruined kegerator door

Contractor built an outdoor living room area to our home. Contractor asked to be paid balance due prior to completion of work, he was paid against my better judgment. Final payment was made to December 2010 and it is now July 2011 and work is still not completed. Work to still be performed or completed is as follows: 1) Install plastic electrical cover to existing outlet on patio. Bid to purchase and install – $100.00 2) Existing patio floor was not evenly sealed and needs to be completed or redone. Patio is 550 sq ft and we have a bid to complete ourselves for $1,650.00, $3.00 a sq ft
Items to be reimbursed for: 1) Contractor damaged ‘Kegerator Door’ (Refrigeration unit for an outdoor keg) while acid washing bar top. Contractor said he would replace door as damage was due to his negligence. Contractor said replacement door was purchased and shipped from manufacturer and he would replace upon arrival. Contractor shared that door was purchased in April and it is now July – door still not delivered or replaced despite numerous phone calls and text messages to contractor. I was told by him that the cost of the door was approx. $400.00 2) Throughout the building process contractor continued to promise us that he would replace anything that he did if we did not like it, he would say “Don’t worry about it, if you don’t like it I will take care of it. My goal is to make you happy!” The bar top that the contractor choose to install was “White Limestone” which is very porous. We questioned him on this as he was getting ready to install. Contractor said not to worry as he was going to put a sealant onto the stone which would not allow staining. He again said not to worry that if we did not like it that he would replace it. Well, bar top was installed and sealant was applied to the stone and within a week we were noticing stains in the stone from contractor tools and drinks. When asked about them he said that they would come out with warm water and a brush when applied, they did not come out after numerous attempts. He then suggested to use an acid wash. We said that we were not comfortable doing that ourselves but suggested for him to do it if he wanted to. He agreed and during the process is when he sprayed the Kegerator Door with some of the acid wash and damaged it. His attempt to remove the stains on the bar top with the acid wash failed. We then shared that we wanted him to replace the bar top as he promised during the construction process. He said he could not do that as he had too much time and money invested into the project already. I asked him what his promises meant to us and he could never give me a clear answer. He referred us to another contractor who came out and gave us a bid to sand down the bar top which would help remove some of the staining and then to stain the bar top with a dark stain and then use a proper sealant which would not allow staining going forward. The bid to do this came in at $1,750.00 for which I went back to Contractor and asked him to pay this instead of replacing the stone on the bar top. He said he would not do that. Since Contractor would not follow through on their verbal contract, we hired that contractor and paid for the work performed which did cost us an additional $1,750.00 as stated above.

We are asking Contractor to complete the work still open on the contract: 1) Electrical outlet cover to be purchased and installed 2) Finish sealing patio floor evenly, it may have been too long since original seal was applied and the entire floor may need to be resealed to give a look of evenness. Not sure, still to be determined 3) Order and replace Kegerator Door that contractor damaged during acid wash of bar top. We are asking Louis Pools of Frisco to reimburse us for the cost of the outside contractor to sand, stain and seal original bar top – our out of pocket not including our time in the process was $1,750.00

Stay away from Contractor – Work not completed and contractor damaged property during construction process and refuses to replace.

Zip Code:75034