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Tile project was never finished

I hired Tile and Flooring company to do about 3,000 square feet of travertine tile work. They turned out to be a very bad contractor. His quality of work was horrible. I paid him in full and he never finished the job we hired him to do. He has very poor customer service and cannot hold in his temper. He stole about 300 square feet of tile in front of his dad and employee. He ups the price of something so he can get a very nice kick back from other contractors he brings in to do what he can’t do unbeknownst to the customer. He lies and says anything to get out of fixing or completing the work. He lied to the ROC and the BBB. We are still in the process of trying to resolve this and we know we will not get what we deserve. We just want him to be stopped.

My advice is not to hire Tile and Flooring company. You can see from reading his reviews that he had no reviews from late 2009 until March 2012. Makes me wonder why. According to the contractor, he was very busy and business was booming. We want him stopped so he can no longer do this to others. It has been a nightmare to say the least.

Zip Code:85383