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Regret paying under the table for flooring and doors

In September 2010 we hired a contractor to put a new front back door in our house along with new tile flooring for our kitchen, 4 bathrooms, and a back door entrance. Within 5 months the tiles in the kitchen started cracking and moving. The grout separated. Not too long after that our bathroom floors and the back door did the same. They ignored my phone calls and since we paid them under the table we have nothing to hold up in court. They also never completed sealing our front door either. They told us they were coming back and never came back to finish. Now due to the crappy job they did on the front door we also have to have it redone. We spent a couple thousand dollars on these projects and had to pay it all over again to fix their mess up.

In my eyes they are thieves. Make sure you have a real contractor with a contract signed by both parties. Pay with check, no cash. Make sure that they will come back and fix their mistakes.

Zip Code:08012