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Negligent flooring contractor

At issue is the condition of our hardwood flooring, bought new and installed by flooring contractor and his employee beginning May 31, 2010. There is splitting and seam and edge gaps throughout the construction area due to faulty methods and negligence related to the specifications of the Dura-Wood product, and the installation of solid wood over concrete slab underlayment and radiant heat, including failure to:

• Properly acclimate wood to moisture and temperature conditions of the house and the rooms targeted for flooring prior to installation (instead opting only to remove product from plastic bags and return planks to closed boxes);
• Test for moisture or temperature of the slab to assess suitability of conditions for installation;
• Flatten concrete with leveling compound to hardwood flooring tolerances of less than 3/16 inch change in pitch over a 10-foot span, subsequently leading to additional stress and splitting in the planks throughout the installation area; and
• Seal concrete with a moisture barrier, and failure to glue planks directly to the slab with suitable adhesive per Dura-Wood specifications (instead opting for floating floor).

Another question regards the end-joint spacing among many planks (less than 8” end-lap standard), and proper spacing at the room perimeters. We have since been visited by two flooring specialists regarding installation and standard procedures for solid wood floor. By their counsel we underestimated the expense of replacing the floor when we recently solicited a response and negotiation in writing to the original contractor.

We’ve tried to resolve the issue directly with the owner via repeated attempts to contact him by phone between November 2010 and January of 2011, and since in writing to their email and Facebook, along with his former and current mailing addresses, all with no response.

Please share this info with other folks, this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing, others shouldn’t have to suffer the consequences.

Zip Code:87110