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Improper basement floor installation and many more mistakes

Basement floor settled causing main beam to drop 3/8″ and none of interior doors would close and phone line was pinched, requiring all new phone lines. Used a soffit vent with screen for a dryer vent clogged with lint and almost burnt house down. I ripped my the seat of my pants while cleaning gutters from roof because roof bracket nails poking through shingles. 12 year old roof looks 30 yrs. old, cracked and leaking all over. Attic taken over with mold from improperly run bathroom vents. Contractor used all sub-standard products like windows that wind blows through enough to move curtains. The edges of vinyl flooring peeled up within our first year here.Damaged bathroom faucet fitting unknowingly leaked for 3 years ruining vanity.Closet shelves full of clothes and fragile valuables came off walls falling to floor. Kitchen cabinets needed to be refastened before same thing happened. 2nd floor tub trap wasn’t tight staining kitchen ceiling on all sheet-rock joints. There are multiple places where you can find 3 to 4 courses of cedar siding shingles with joints falling in line letting water behind.

Stay away from builders. This clown boasts of his “quality craftsmanship”, but should have used better products instead of using incredible amounts of caulk to hide mistakes. I wouldn’t even recommend him to build a dog house or a barrel shed. It’s a good thing that I am pretty handy because after 12 yrs. of correcting mistakes I am still opening cans of worms. I could still go on, but I think that gets my point across.

Zip Code:02878