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Carpet installers argue while on job

Ok I went to a local shop and ordered some mid ranged pattern berber. We agreed on price and installation date.When the installers came on tme just as they said.The lead installer explained how long it would take
and where they would star. After an hour or so the job was well under way.And they were moving quickly and efficiently even no it was just the two installers a older gentleman showed up and began telling the
installers this is not how we do it.Totally downgrading these two gentleman who by now were sweating and very tired.The older gentleman began ranting and raving.Treating these to installers who obviously knew what they were doing like this was the first day on the job.I felt like asking him to leave.Then he came and told me that it should have been done like this.If that was the case why aren’t you doing it I commented.After a few minutes the man lied to me more than one time.He would say something then when I asked about it he had a different story.When he finally left I told the two hard working installers just to keep up the good work.As for the @ installers i wont mention their names but for the older disrespectful guy. You need to retire cause you obviously don’t have any sense of pride. You cannot undermine your installers.so to carpet shop.You have some good installers bot the old man in the red ford truck needs to stay at home.

Zip Code: 30906