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Improper house rebuild

Long story short. I had a house fire in 2008 and today I still have not moved into my home. At first it was the insurance co. They pd off in 2009, Nov. The loan co. kept it until 2-2010. Hired co. 3-2010 should have moved in 4-10 .Contractor tore off a portion of my home and rebuilt it with a pole barn and no stem wall. Hired electrician and plumber who refused to do work but supplied permit to work. The wiring and plumbing was done by person (kid) all wrong, had to be redone and paid for again, stole and negligently done away with important things to finish house. I need help.They took out floor (antique and bricks on home which were also antique.) It is still a disaster.I need help. My daughter and I are paying rent and house note and are getting farther and farther behind. we do not want to lose our home.

I have learned a lot by seeing what shouldn’t be done. Please check your references and work with someone who has a surety bond.  They are crooks.

Zip code: 74447