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Contractor used cheap sand in septic

In 2005 we had a house built. The contractor supplied the sand for our septic system. Several months after we moved in, we received a call from one of the subcontractors who worked on the septic. He told us that the contractor did not use septic sand but a cheap grade of sand. I called the contractor and told me we received the septic sand because he was there while they loading the truck.
Two months ago we sold our house and the buyer’s inspector found there was cheap sand used instead of the septic sand. We had 2 other companies inspect the sand and they agreed with the inspector. We lost the sale and it is going to cost us $24,000 to replace the defective sand. We have tried numerous times to contact the contractor, but he has not responded.

I would suggest that anyone who has built a house or moved into a development to have their sand checked. If you are buying sand, I suggest you find another source.

Zip Code:08551