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Builder unwilling to fix problems

Our builder in Pleasant Hill, Iowa was 4 months late completing our home. He used cut rate contractors and local friends to complete work and is now refusing to go back to them to fix problems we are having with our home. He is refusing to uphold his warranty on work preformed. Our lawn is full of sink holes, our concrete is crumbling beneath our feet. He is demanding $2000.00 extra dollars in cash from to complete any warranty work and he is forcing us into arbitration to resolve these issues.

Get everything in writing in advance. No soft budgets, get it all in writing. Get any changes in writing. Keep all correspondence and verify any verbal communication via email or in written form. Make sure you get a copy of all paperwork including warranties for your fixtures and appliances in your home. We had to dig ours out of the dumpster even after asking for them ahead of installation.

Zip Code: 50009