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Signed a contract for siding job. Started job and then took an 8 month vacation before coming back and finishing. Zip Code:79110

Hired siding company based on a friends advice. Had them install Certainteed Cedar board siding on my entire house. They never flashed around the sliding doors(after promising me they would) and the doors leak when it rains. On two separate occasions, large sections of the siding blew off the house during relatively low winds (40-50 [...]

My complaint is against exterior company. Besides many mishaps and stress caused by company while installing the siding on my home, the main issue was that after 2 months after the job was finished, we turned the AC on and discovered that a nail had been hammered into the freon pipe, damaging the compressor and [...]

Siding company gave us the runaround for 9 months on fixing a 1 1/2 foot piece of siding that they inserted into our newly sided house that they just did in repairing a piece that they creased. We were told time an time again that they were going to come out and fix their screw [...]