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Roofing Jobs That Didn’t Pan Out

Complaints about Roofing Contractors, submitted by homeowners who had bad contractor experiences with a roofing project.

I called the company to just ask what a metal roof usually cost. This very pleasant man responds with let me send a salesperson out to talk with you. Now the very last thing I want is a salesperson in my house (no offense we all need jobs and someone has to do it). I [...]

If I could give zero stars, I would. We signed a contract with them to complete all phases of restoration after our house took on 5 ft of water from the surge. After 6 months the work was still not completed. Much of the work that had been finished under the contractors's supervision was poorly [...]

Building new house and paid contractor to put up Gutters and leaf guards. Contractor put up gutters and only installed half of the gutter flashing, skipped the corners and installed wrong side up. Then installed leaf guards and didn’t overlap corners or install diverters at valleys so all the water just ran over the edge. [...]

Roofing company was the most unprofessional roofing contractor I have ever dealt with. After the dust settled and I had over $3500 of losses due to them not doing their job properly, they flippantly offered a settlement of $500. They will tell you ANYTHING they think you want to hear. Their General Manager couldn't even [...]

A former energy company was fined by the Colorado Attorney General for deceptive sales practices. The principals have hired some of the same sales personnel and appear to be at it again. Here is what you should watch out for: 1. They may tell you that they are participating in a government or University study [...]

We were hit with a bad storm a couple of years ago hired a roofing company in marble falls, Texas. They did a really bad job. They put turbines on wrong, no ventilation in attic, ruined insulation, and tore the air ducts. We are very disappointed. He would not return or take any calls to [...]

Requested contractor to make repairs to our home after storm damage. Roof replacement; vinyl siding replacement, light and screen replacement, etc. Have had shingles blowing off roof for years. Had 4 contractors tell us roof was improperly installed (high nails); homeowners insurance company excluded roof from coverage ever due to horrible installation. Zip Code:37127

Contractor had done my patio roof. The job was not done professional. No tar was done or hot mopping was not done, it was just tack down. I called numerous time for the company to come back. They would tell me that a crew person would come and look at it, but no one would [...]

Roofing and Siding company entered into a contract 8/5/11 to completely tear off the roof and garage then replace both. They took a downpayment, took the roof off the gables, lower dormer and garage. They never tarped the house leaving it exposed to the elements never completing the roofing work. He is on CCAP Wisconsin's [...]

Worst sheet-rocking, and really bad floor laying. Don't even get me started on the crappy roofing job! Then come to find out that the owner has a felony charge against him! Would have avoided him in the first place had I know that. Advice: Go with word of mouth, with someone that a friend has [...]